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Knowledge at Work - UL Workplace Health & Safety

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Occupational Health

Respiratory Protection Responsibility Helps Maintain Healthy Workplaces

EMRs Help Master Complexities Between Employer & Occupational Health Services

Infectious Disease Impact Showcased by Ebola Crisis

Workplace Safety Enhanced by 'The Economies of Prior to Hire Functional Exams'

Healthcare Medical Surveillance Programs Impacted by Nanotechnology

HAIs Discussed by Industry Experts at HealthLeaders Roundtable

Minimize Patient Privacy Risks With a Dedicated Occ Health EMR System

Two Cases of MERS-CoV Discovered in the United States

A Dedicated Occupational Health EMR System Supports Safer, Healthier Workplaces

The Importance of Medical Surveillance in the Workplace

Occupational Health Nurse Receives 2014 UL Stewardship Award

Successful Return to Work Programs Focus on Positive Recovery Expectations

A salute to nurses, UL celebrates Occupational Health Nurses Week

Do your homework when selecting an occupational health information management solution

Global economy creates new roles, training opportunities for occupational and environmental health nurses

World Tuberculosis Day calls attention to threat of workplace contagion

Examiner bulk reporting capability will help expedite commercial driver certificates

Coping with mental fatigue myths and realities in the workplace

NIOSH urges collaboration to capitalize on elusive workers’ compensation claims data

Workers’ compensation case trackers – your guides to return to work

Follow California’s training lead to prevent workplace sexual harassment claims

Overcoming the odds in workers’ compensation medical management

Industries grapple with business necessity of employee flu vaccination

Recruiting the next generation of occupational safety and health workers

While U.S. government slumbers, President signs a commercial driver sleep disorder bill

Protecting employees and the next generation from toxic exposures

Controlling the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace

Occupational health nursing beyond nursing – why strategic thinking is so important

Turning employee health and safety record keeping to your advantage

MERS-CoV: The growing importance of employee infection control programs

World Hepatitis Day calls attention to serious health threat for employees

Empowered employees are happier, healthier

NIOSH Director John Howard to present UL webinar on infectious disease, prevention and control

New workplace wellness rules are all about rewards

Home healthcare industry loses $684 million to employee injuries

Employers need to be on board as employees navigate healthcare choices

Employee injury/illness rates in nursing and residential care 3X national average

Cathy Loiselle receives UL-AAOHN Workplace Health and Safety Stewardship Award

Prevention starts with caring about the cause of an injury or illness

Day dedicated to companies that care – does your organization qualify?

Workforce health on a global scale starts in our own back yard

Need a primary care doctor? Visit your employer's on-site occupational health clinic

Overcoming fears about EMR impeding patient care

Employees need mental health support

Drug-free workplace programs speak volumes about health and safety

Workforce health management a top cost-control strategy

Lost-time employee injuries cost healthcare billions

Help your employees prevent a flu epidemic

Information technology changing occupational health landscape

Occupational medicine in a primary care world

Nursing stewardship award application deadline Jan. 4

Act 2 for workforce wellness programs

Managing marijuana in the workplace

Loss leaders: Incidence rates for workforce safety and health

Making the case for worker responsibility

Building a work culture of success in occupational health clinics

Rhode Island healthcare workers given choice: flu shots or masks

Managing your time: keys to a safe & healthy workforce

Wellness interventions needed for sleep-deprived employees

Healthcare worker, have you had your Flu shot?

A prescription for the workaholic workplace

Workers' Compensation: De-stressing depositions in contested cases

Needlestick & sharps risks require constant vigilance

Population health management puts workplace front and center

Applying Lean principles to create a healthier and safer workplace

TASER dart update (or don’t TASE me, bro…)

UL PureSafety Achievement Awards

Solutions aimed at intractable pharmacy costs

Occupational health nursing trends and opportunities

Healthcare reform: Chief Justice John Roberts hands individual mandate back to voters

Fireworks and oil

It’s a whole worker. Why not use a holistic approach?

Remembering a chlorine derailment

Calculating employee injury, illness costs? Just add zeros

Heat illness prevention

Wake-up call on disabling chronic conditions

Training and certification required to perform commercial driver exams

Making the case for healthcare services

Making the business case for OHS

Sleep-deprived employees more likely to suffer injuries

The Affordable Care Act: the most likely outcomes

The Affordable Care Act: you be the judge

Outdoor working hazards: insect stings

DART rates and nursing homes

National Women's Health Week

Patient lifting

Safety, an avenue for occupational health nurses

Healthcare employee illness & injury rates - infographic

Targeted for an OSHA inspection this year?

Total quality management - was Deming right?

Workplace health & safety by the numbers - infographic

Workers Memorial Day & World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2012

Staying in the "can do" zone

Workplace Health and Safety Stewardship Award - Congratulations to Joyce Hood

Integrating occupational health & safety - taking the message to city hall

ROI in workforce health & safety: here we go again!

April showers bring… heat & ticks?

An injury prevention solution

Emergency management for hospitals

Injury and illness prevention programs - a look at OSHA's recent whitepaper

Protecting your back

Oil, the Florida Keys and area contingency plans

Giving healthcare HR pros well-deserved accolades

Sleepiness at the switch, a transportation worker poll

Code accurately to maximize reimbursement

Workplace drug testing, a change in the wind

EMR certification & occupational health

Bloodborne pathogens and TASER darts

Workplace Health and Safety Stewardship Award

Assaults in the workplace - zero tolerance

Employee safety is as important as patient safety

Employee assistance programs

ICD-10 postponed again

A solution for healthcare worker injury & illness

Super Bowl lessons for occupational health & safety programs

Occupational medicine physicians have a chance to be heard

Dangers of bloodborne pathogen exposure

Giving employees what they need to be healthy

OSHA announces new online Outreach Training Program providers

Importance of health & safety in investment decisions

Joining Underwriters Laboratories

2012 predictions for workforce health and safety

Version 5010: new electronic transaction standards

Exciting news: UL acquires PureSafety

ICD-10 implementation rolling toward deadline

First, heal thyself: OSHA responds to the crisis in healthcare worker health

Vehicle safety

New OSHA inspection initiative focuses on healthcare

Surgical fires: they can (and do) happen

Employee health's future? Keep your eyes on the Supreme Court

Sports lessons for EHS pros

Giving back: PureHeart

OSHA in healthcare - key questions

Hazards in healthcare

Asking the tough questions: spinal fusion in workers’ compensation patients

Flu vaccination awareness

Employee health vs occupational health - what's in a name

Building trust by providing validated health information

When states require wrong answers

The art and science of injury prevention

Dealing with difficult people

OSHA in healthcare: how hard can it be?

5 step process to OSHA injury & illness recordkeeping

Ask the occupational health physician

Health & safety wrap up

Knowledge sharing from the workplace health and safety industry

Building a successful return-to-work program

United by best practice and lots of acronyms

A winning combination at work - health & safety

Employee health month - workplace wellness programs

Why health & safety should work together

AAOHN National Conference recap

Employee health - absence management programs

10 action items to prepare for ICD-10