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Occupational Health

Successful Return to Work Programs Focus on Positive Recovery Expectations

May 02, 2014 - Posted by Susan Isernhagen

An injured employee’s attitude that they will return to work safely has a lot more to do with expectations than the nature of the injury. People who are empowered by their caregivers to get better are much more likely to return to full function.

The longer a case takes to resolve, the greater the likelihood of “doctor shopping,” litigation, extended treatment duration and needless disability.

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Topics: return to work, employee health, absenteeism, workplace wellness

Susan Isernhagen

Susan Isernhagen, P.T., Director, DSI Work Solutions, is a developer and practitioner in the fields of work injury management and prevention. A specialist in occupational health, she created the industry’s first functional capacity assessment, functional job description, functional post-offer screen and early return-to-work processes. Among her numerous contributions, she wrote "The Comprehensive Guide to Work Injury Management" (1995) and "Work Injury Management and Prevention" (1988).

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