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Bringing safety and learning together

June 11, 2012 - Posted by Brett Williams

We’re very excited about our latest PureSafety Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS) release. We’re most proud of its ability to bring safety and learning together. Specifically, we’ve added capabilities that allow an administrator or safety professional to take incidents from a real-world event and memorialize them in the collective safety culture as a training session.

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Topics: training, workplace safety, return to work, occupational safety, injury prevention, EHS, presenteeism, loss control, employees, safety culture, OSHA recordkeeping

Leading indicators: the perfect storm is forming

June 04, 2012 - Posted by Todd Hohn

In 1991, the crew of the Andrea Gail perished in a Halloween Noreaster known as “The Perfect Storm”. The captain and crew ignored warning signs, such as repeated warnings from other ships. They failed to recognize, in essence, leading indicators. On October 26, they set a course to return home after a machinery breakdown (their ice machine). They never made it.

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Topics: training, workplace safety, return to work, occupational safety, injury prevention, illness prevention, risk management, safety culture

Targeted for an OSHA inspection this year?

May 03, 2012 - Posted by Dr. Scott Harris

In a September 9, 2011 directive, Federal OSHA details their Site-Specific Targeting 2011 Inspection Plan. In short, if you fit the profile outlined in the 46-page directive, you should expect a comprehensive inspection this year. The program does not include construction worksites, and the eligibility threshold is changed from 40 employees to 20.

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Topics: training, compliance, occupational health, workplace safety, OSHA, healthcare, return to work, injury prevention, illness prevention, OSHA DART rate, workforce, OSHA recordkeeping, department of labor

Gaming the OSHA 300 Log

August 08, 2011 - Posted by Dr. Bill Newkirk

One of the worst kept secrets over the past few decades has been how companies and health care providers have joined forces to game the OSHA 300 log to reduce the number of reportable injuries. This created a win-win situation where companies could report lower injury rates and the Department of Labor could take credit for creating safer workplaces. Unfortunately, this increased safety was often a mirage created by the careful managing of physician behavior to skirt OSHA rules.

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Topics: training, compliance, workplace safety, OSHA, return to work, OSHA 300, injury prevention, OSHA recordkeeping, department of labor